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A compliance check is a tool to identify alcohol establishments that sell alcohol to underage youth. Compliance checks are used for two purposes:
  1. To identify, warn, and educate establishments that serve or sell alcohol to underage persons.
  2. To enforce state laws, local ordinances, or both, which are related to those illegal sales.

The Coalition has developed a comprehensive compliance check program that identifies infractions of state law as well as training opportunities. Funding the compliance checks come from the Wisconsin Partnership Program Grant.

Each establishment received a packet announcing the start of the compliance checks. The checks will continue across Columbia County.


When you sell or serve alcohol, there are risks.
  • Mistakenly selling to minors can put your business or organization at risk for lawsuits. Serving a drunk driver can risk lives.
  • Organizations who sell alcohol at festivals or concession stands, could be putting their members at personal risk for a lawsuit.

Anyone who serves or sells alcohol should have the responsible beverage server training.

In Wisconsin, the law mandates server and seller training for both on and off premise, licensed establishments. There are many different kinds of Beverage Server Training classes. Columbia County Connects provides TIPS (training for intervention procedures) training for beverage servers in our area. TIPS is a skills-based training program designed to prevent intoxication, underage drinking, and drunk driving. TIPS is one of the approved beverage server training classes in Wisconsin.

For more information, please visit the TIPS web site at www.gettips.com.  

To register for upcoming classes, please visit the Marquette County Coalition site.

Please Note: 
For groups of 10 or more, we can schedule a training at your location.  



The Columbia County Juvenile Justice Committee was formed in May of 1999 as a reaction to an increase in school violence. As a result of staff writing a grant to combat this increase in violence, the committee formed Columbia County Connects. After Columbia County Connects began, the Juvenile Justice Committee continued to meet and grow and agreed to maintain their affiliation with Columbia County Connects.  Recently, the Juvenile Justice Committee has joined forces entirely with Columbia County Connects.  

The Committee has a focus of changing policies and laws to create safer environments for youth through the reduction of underage drinking and drug use.

  • Provide information on the legal aspects of the enforcement of underage drinking and other substance abuse laws
  • Provide support for Teen Court restorative justice for first time offenses
  • Support the STARS and BOYS groups 

Some items the committee is working on is a uniform underage drinking policy and an education diversion class.